Meet Saskatchewan's Dairy Farmers

MacKenzie Family

How long have you been dairy farming? 

Since 1986.


Tell us about a typical day on your dairy farm.

The day starts at 4:30am for our first shift of milking.  Once it wraps up around 8:30am, it’s onto feeding everyone and daily chores before the next shift of milking starts.  During the spring, summer and fall, there is a lot of fieldwork that goes on, seeding, silaging, combining and baling to ensure we have feed and bedding for our animals year round.


What family members are involved with the farm and what are their responsibilities?

My husband and his brother are full time on the farm milking cows, managing employees and generally making sure everything is running smoothly.  Another brother is here part time and does most of our building maintenance and operates equipment during seeding and harvest.  My sister-in-law and I share responsibility for the calves and my in-laws fill in where ever is needed.   Our son is also a huge help around the farm and has learnt so much working with his dad and uncles.  At 13 years old he helps out when he can after school and on weekends.

What do you want people to know about dairy farms?

We really do care about our animals and are passionate about what we do.  This is more than just a job, it really is a lifestyle.  It is 365 days a year and yet we wouldn’t trade it for anything.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

We have several avid gardeners in the family, my father in law who loves riding horses and I love going to the gym.


What is your favourite dairy product?

Definitely ice cream, chocolate milk and cheese.

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