Symbols to Look For

In 2017, Dairy Farmers of Canada changed the logo that identifies Canadian milk products. You likely are aware of the first logo (a study revealed that 84% of Canadians were familiar with it) with the smiling cow perched above the “100% Canadian Milk” label. The new label now features a cow with a maple leaf etched into it, above “Dairy Farmers of Canada”. This new label was developed in the interest of easier identification for grocery shoppers and a wider application for use not only by grocery stores and restaurants. In fact, the label is now seen at Dairy Queen!

What hasn’t changed, however, is what the label means. The label still identifies milk products that have been made solely from milk from Canadian dairy farms. When you buy a product with the Dairy Farmers of Canada logo you can be certain that you are buying a high-quality product that has been produced responsibly by Canadian farmers.