About Us

Our Background

SaskMilk was established in 2011 as a producer marketing board under The Agri-Food Act, 2004.  SaskMilk’s general role and responsibility is to design and implement dairy policies and programs for the benefit of producers and other industry stakeholders.

The SaskMilk Board of Directors is comprised of seven active dairy producers and elected by the province’s licensed dairy producers.  The Board is charged with a number of responsibilities including the purchase of producer milk, the transportation of milk to licensed processors, compensating licensed producers through a multiple-component pricing system, enforcement of facility and quality standards, and managing production levels in conjunction with national and regional marketing agreements. 

SaskMilk has a new promotion partnership with Dairy Farmers of Canada to promote to consumers the benefits of consuming dairy products.  Dairy Farmers of Canada is focused on milk and other dairy products promotional activities that engage consumers primarily through print media, online and television advertising. SaskMilk also maintains an extensive presence at the provincial level including advertising, promotion of events, the school milk program, sponsorships, and experiential activities.

SaskMilk has partnered with the University of Saskatchewan and other farm commodity organizations to fund the construction of the Rayner Dairy Research and Teaching Facility located on the U of S Campus. SaskMilk makes ongoing contributions to the Facility for research and is engaged in advising the U of S on pertinent research opportunities through an Advisory Board comprised of industry, academic and government members.


Our Vision

A healthy sustainable dairy industry


Our Mission

To lead and grow the dairy industry through innovation, advocacy, and quality


Our Values


SaskMilk is committed to ethical behavior that is demonstrated through honesty, fairness and a sense of decency.


SaskMilk will establish direction and conduct its affairs with clarity and in a plain, self-evident and forthright manner. 


SaskMilk will operate in an environment which embraces empathy, civility and courtesy in dealings with others.


SaskMilk encourages a pioneering spirit of innovation and creativity to meet the needs of the Saskatchewan dairy industry. 


SaskMilk will develop interdependent and harmonious partnerships for the common good of Saskatchewan dairy producers.