Dairy Info Day

Dairy Info Day Proceedings 

Survey on NDFD of barley for silage - Nair, J., Christensen, D., Yu, P., Beattie, A. D., McAllister, T., Damiran, D., Preston, N., Fuhr, L. and McKinnon, J. J.
Stage of maturity at harvest and NDFD - Jayakrishnan Nair
How to determine the stage of maturity - Leland Fuhr
Enzymes in TMR - Basim Refat and Peiqiang Yu
Canola meal calf starters - Katarzyna Burakowska, P. Górka, G. B. Penner
Novel feed pellets and carinata - Víctor Guevara and Peiqiang Yu
Oat type and processing - L.L. Prates and Peiqiang Yu
Palmitic Acid of Interest dairy producers and processors - David Christensen and Bernard Laarveld
Do we Know the Cost of milk production in 2017 - David Christensen
Robot feeding management - Silvia Menajovsky, Keshia Paddick, and Dr. Greg Penner
Refresher on photoperiod management of cows and heifers - B. Laarveld
Dry cow treatment - Christopher Luby
Monitoring TMR particle size - Tim Mutsvangwa

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